A little about me:

Born and Raised in Paris France. Moved to California 13 years ago.  Initially trained and certified  therapist by LPG Endermologie a French natural treatment to reduce the appearance of cellulite, localized resistant fat, post liposuction treatment, contouring, slim the body and sport massage used it by many French Athlete from Soccer players, Rugby players to Swimmers.
 I offered this service to women and men in Southern California for many years.

A little over a year ago I discover the fashiablaster treatment to improve cellulite reduction, fat reduction, pain relieve, muscle definition, body contouring  and more.  And today I'm happy to offer this service as a fashiablater "with the new tool  fashia blaster paddle! " therapist  to women and men in South Bay area and around. This service will start the 10th of December 2018! 

 I  also decided to be trained and certified  in Fibroblast plasma to continue to incense the beauty of every women and men with a French and always a natural touch! A non invasive treatment facelift and skin tightening. The beauty of this service is you will see instant result and the best result will be seen after 3 weeks and last for years!  Some people would need just one session and others 2 to 4 sessions maximum.